An Introduction to Yoga: ASANA a 6 week course with Emily

INTRO TO YOGA pause, breathe and BEGIN


Give yourself a moment to pause, breathe and begin

This is a six week course that invites beginners to commit to a series of classes and begin their yoga practise.

Have you ever felt anxious about going to a yoga class because everyone else will know what to do? This course will help you pause and find confidence to practise yoga.

We will progress through yoga postures that everyone else always seems to know how to do when you go to a yoga class (!) breaking them down so that you can feel confident and safe in your body as you practise. Each class we will practise asana together, learning how to safely move in and out of each posture, understand how to breathe to deepen each posture plus learn the Sanskrit name too.


Allow yourself to pause, breathe and begin to enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga asana practise.

> develop strength and flexibility

> connect your mind and body through your breath

> become confident in the movement of your body and join any yoga class

> reduce stress and anxiety and feel calmer throughout the day

COURSE DATES run each Saturday 8- 9am 31/8/19 - 5/10/19

Course fees £45 which includes:

> 6 hour long sessions at the studio

> A take home workbook and reference guide to help you develop your own routine so that you can pause, breathe and begin

LOCATION: Yorkshire Yogi Yoga and Wellbeing Studio, Sude Hill, New Mill, Huddersfield HD9 7BL

Please feel free to contact me with any questions


tel: 07885597454

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