Post Natal Pilates: 5 week course with Jane

Recently had a baby and looking to get back into gentle exercise again? Then this course may be for you…

Postnatal Pilates classes offer one of the safest and most effective ways to strengthen, realign and get back into shape after having a baby.

The classes are designed to help quicken postpartum recovery by strengthening the body and mind for the new demands of motherhood; a safe Pilates workout developed to target particular muscle groups problem areas that mothers face after pregnancy.

The Benefits include the below and more:

Firm & strengthen the body's ‘power house’ (core muscles)
By strengthening your core you will develop greater strength in your back and stomach muscles
Increase pelvic floor strength
Increases arm/ leg strength
Re-align the spine & improve posture
Help to reduce back pain/ tenderness
Overall conditioning

A 60-minute Post-Natal Pilates class - no need for childcare as you can bring your baby along with you (from 6 weeks after a normal delivery and 8-12 weeks after a c-section, until a baby is crawling).

It is recommended that you wait a minimum of six weeks after delivery to start exercising again. However, if you have had a cesarean section, then it is highly recommended that you wait eight to twelve weeks before starting postnatal Pilates.

Always consult your doctor before returning to exercise to ensure that Pilates is safe for you to begin/ return to.