One to One Sessions with

Kelly Thistlethwaite

One to One Trauma Informed Yoga

I am a specialist trauma informed and pre & post natal Yoga and breathwork instructor. 

I am fascinated in the affect that trauma has on our physical well-being and dedicated to supporting women to heal from their perinatal experiences with a ‘bottom up approach’- meaning to use the bodies wisdom to aid healing. 

The power of Yoga and Breathwork to aid healing and enhance well-being continues to amaze me.

Since becoming a mother myself I have experienced birth trauma first hand and felt the effects physically, emotionally and mentally. 

I believe that we can all heal and recover from our experiences at any stage in our lives and be the Women and Mothers that we desire and deserve to be.

I offer 1:1 support online or in person at my studio (I am based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire) to help women heal following traumatic experiences.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free chemistry call please do not hesitate to contact me.

I can’t wait to support you

Sessions are £50/hour

Contact me to book your online or in person session today


One to One Motherhood and Matrescence Coaching

I am certified Matrescence Coach and Mama Rising facilitator. 

I am honoured to support Women through one of the biggest transformations and shifts In identify they will ever experience- becoming a mother.

If you would like to explore any of the topics that we cover in the Matrescence and Mindful Moments Series in more detail and have the opportunity for more guidance, then this is the space to do so.

We will arrange a time to sit down with a brew and talk things through. I will coach you by giving you space to talk, prompt you to think and understand your own thoughts with reflective question.

You will be held, seen and heard in these coaching sessions mama. 

Sessions are £50/hour.

Contact me to book your session today. 

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