1:1  Coaching 

Wellbeing Coaching:


Wellbeing Coaching with me is an oppertunity to look at where you are currently in your life, where you want to be and how to get there. That might be in your relationships, with work or personally. We look at the way our thoughts affect our actions and how we can understand and reframe negative thought to help us to move forwards and towards our goals. 

Feeling stuck is a natural feeling and apart of life. Staying stuck is a choice.

Let me help you to get clear on what choices you feel are right for you. And to support you in actioning them.


Matrescence Coaching:

In these one to one sessions we will explore your experience of motherhood so far, unpack any challenges and lead you to feel happy, content and empowered. I will share the wisdon of Matrescence and my teaching from the incredable Amy Taylor Kabbaz and my Mama Rising Facilitation. 


How to book:

Contact me to book your first session via email today.  Sessions can be done via online or in person.

I have limited 1:1 weekly appointments so please do contact me asap to secure your slot. 



Inperson 1:1 Coaching (60mins) £50