Want to raise your postnatal game?


This unique two day Trauma Informed C-Section Course is being delivered by Hannah Poulton and Kelly Thistlethwaite. 


This very special, one of a kind two day practical/ interactive course includes:




➡️The nervous system responce to stress, trauma, accidents etc 

➡️Orientation of how to be in the present and create a sense of safety within the nervous system 

➡️Looking at cellular, physiological and biological levels of regulation and how to influence these in your practice 

➡️How to deliver trauma informed therapy in your treatment session alongside your current knowledge and skills 

➡️Exploring key areas of “coupling” 

➡️Breathing exercises to aid nervous system regulation, and enhance circulation, digestion and sleep-all of which aid tissue healing




➡️ Putting into practice what you learnt from day one 

➡️Wound formation and dealing with “traumatic” scarring 

➡️Assessment, treatment, plan and after care for mums after a c-section 

➡️Products and medical devises to use on c-section scars 

➡️Research and case studies relating to birth trauma after a c-section birth 

➡️Scar Therapy techniques 

➡️Practical hands on treatment time on clients c section scars 


This course will also give you tools to improve your own self awareness and regulation: both of which are essential in looking after your own health and wellbeing. To be a good therapist, empathy and sensitivity is required and without your own regulation this leads to burnout. You will leave the course with lots of tools to help you prevent this.


And so much more…. 


Places are very limited, as we want you to have the best learning experience. 



Book on via the links below.


Can’t wait to share these valuable skills with health care professionals across the UK. 


See you soon 

Hannah and Kelly