Wellbeing in Autumn

Here are my top 5 tips to help you enhance your wellbeing this season...

  • Posted On: 23 October 2017
Wellbeing in Autumn

If you’re anything like me, you love this time of year for the colours of the leaves on the tress and being able to pull those fluffy jumpers out of the wardrobe again. But, I do also find adjusting to the darker mornings and night difficult. So, I have come up with 5 top tips to help you adjust and move with ease into the season….

1.      Walk through the falling leaves

Grab your coat, wrap up warm and embrace the change. Take in the colours, feel the breeze on your face and get your share of daylight. Even if its 5/10minutes a day, it really can make a difference to your mood. It works a treat for me. See if you can find a big tree and stand under it as the wind blows…as the leaves fall its magical!


2.      Keep your social life

I find that it’s easy to feel less sociable as the nights draw in, but try to keep a few things during the week going. I love to snuggle up in the evenings but it’s also great to be out and interact with different people in new spaces. Maybe even take up a new hobby?


3.      Stay active and eat well

Being a Yorkshire lass, I love pie, chips and Yorkshire puddings….oh and gravy! And as the nights grow darker and colder, I crave comfort food and love it but I do try to balance out the warm hearty meals with exercise. Walking, going to the gym, swimming, yoga or whatever else. I have recently got into cross fit and I am loving it. Eating seasonally is also a great way to eat fresh and nourish your body through the changing seasons. Warming foods to support your immune system are great at this time of year.


4.      A new kind of perfume!

Ok so I know I’m crazy but here you go…during this season I keep some sun cream in the car and each time I get in I pop abit on my wrists like perfume…I love the smell and it always makes me smile! Try it…you might like it.😊


5.      Invest in a sunlamp

Now, this has changed my life. Last Christmas I received an Iris 500Lumie aromatherapy sun lamp which wakes me up with a slow increase of light and an energising aroma. This really helps with the darker mornings and is much better for me rather than an alarm! It also slowly grows darker at night with a grounding smell to help you to fall asleep. This was my secret weapon last winter and It’s in full swing again at the moment. I can highly recommend them.


Look after yourself this Autumn and enjoy this beautiful time of year.


Lots of Love and Yorkshire Puddings

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